Immersive Haptics Powered by RichTap® Coming to Pascal’s Wager


In the upcoming Pascal’s Wager update, a brand new layer of experience: haptics is coming to the game! Collaborating with industry leading haptic feedback solution provider AAC Technologies, Pascal’s Wager will integrate cutting edge RichTap® Haptics support.


RichTap® Haptics is a cross-platform high quality haptic feedback system solution, utilizing linear haptics hardware that is gaining increasing market share in modern mobile devices, to provide content creators and device manufacturers with one stop software integration, debugging and haptic design services.


Pascal’s Wager introduces precise feedback via RichTap® Haptics across the game. From character action like Terrence’s sword swipe to Jerold’s rapid strike and dodging, to overwhelmingly powerful boss actions like Hendel’s red blade attack all gain new layers of immersion via haptics.



The RichTap® Haptics update for Pascal’s Wager arrives on Apple iOS devices January 20, with Google Play receiving the update shortly after.


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