1.2.0 Version Update


Pascal's Wager will be updated to version 1.2.0 on May 29th.

We've added the following content and addressed several issues in the update.  


【Updates & Fixes】


- Latest DLC ‘Deep into the Dark Mist’ added with a price of 0.99USD.


- For players who have purchased Pascal's Wager at full price (6.99USD), you'll be receiving the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC for free!


- Enhanced Support for 120Hz Refresh Rate on iPad Pro 2018 models and above.


- Increased the base damage of Terrence's talent [Sanction], reduced the attack attribute bonuses.


- Reduced the damage that Terrence's talent [Execution: Enhanced] and [Backstab: Enhanced] caused.


- The moment Norwood hits after [Iron Fist] reaches max strength, he will enter an invulnerable state.


- Reduced the fist attack damage of Norwood after using the skill [Liberate the Chained Soul].


- Reduced the Rage value needed when Norwood releases [Soul Shackling Eddy: Elapse] and [Soul Shackling Eddy: Destroy].


- Increased the damage reduction caused by Norwood's talent [Coffin of Chained Soul: Fortress]


- Increased the amount of Patience gained by Norwood's talent [Health Potion: Patience].


- Increased the amount of the damage reduced by Norwood's talent [Health Potion: Toughness].


- Increased Viola's [Sniper] damage rating for all types of bullets.


- Increased the damage of Viola's [Counter Attack] with Special Bullets – Shock.


- Extended the effective range of Viola's Special Bullets – Shock.


- Added enemy repelling effect to Benita's [Annihilation].


- Reduced the damage for some moves the final Boss does and improved the player's fault tolerance.


- Reduced the energy needed when blocking the enemy's attack in the New Game+ Mode.


- Increase the carrying limit of some items to 9,999 which includes Bone Fragment, Big Bone, Fractured Body, and Filthy Core.



【Bug Fixes】


- Fixed the problem that Benita will automatically append an attack after casting combo during using the skill [Dance of Whip] or [Reclaiming the Pure Blood].


- Adjusted the Boss damage in the New Game+ Mode to be more balanced.


- Fixed the problem that [Coffin of Chained Soul: Intercepting] can't be triggered when Norwood is using Coffin of Chained Soul to attack after rolling.


- Fixed the anomaly effect description of Benita.


- Added the negative effect icon when Benita emerge the Drug resistance in the abnormal state.


- Adjusted several hit detection issues based on player feedback.


- Fixed various text descriptions based on player reports and feedback.