Version 1.1.26 Update


Pascal's Wager will be updated to version 1.1.26 on April 22nd.
We've added the following content and addressed several issues in the update.  

【Korean Subtitle Added】

-  A big thank you to all our Korean players for their amazing support! We’ve added Korean Subtitles in the latest version which will create an improved game experience.

【Updates & Adjusts】

- Added the ability to lock and discard Trophies. 
- Increased the maximum limit of Trophies that can be held to 600. If the quantity of Trophies exceeds 600, players will need to discard the extras in order to collect new ones.

【Regarding Achievements under the [New Journey]】

- All of the achievements can be received in Casual Mode except for [Legendary Courier]. Players who have previously completed these achievements in Casual Mode will automatically be given them.  
-   Adjusted the achievement requirements for [Legendary Courier]: Complete the 4th Journey or above without using the Egg of the Bearer. Players who have completed the fourth round of the game before the update will automatically be given the achievement. 
- Increased the overall power of Benita’s Heavy Attack [Dance of Whip].


【Bug Fixes】

-  Fixed the issue where the game where it would sometimes not work correctly after interacting with certain functions/operations and NPCs.
- Fixed the issue that Viola’s talent [Powerful Shooting: Knockback] was unable to activate and some related achievements could not be received.
- Other various minor issues fixed