1.1.8 version update


Pascal's Wager will be releasing a game update (1.1.8) on March 31st, 2020 containing new features and important fixes.





After finishing the game, Players can continue from their saved data and start the "New Journey".


After players load their game talk to the Owl in the carriage to start the next part of your journey!


Progress and important items that carry over to NG+ include:


- Altar Level 


- Active Talents


- Items and Trophies unrelated with the Story


- Collected literature/Lore


- Completion of Contracts with characters


- Achievements


- All characters are now available at the start of NG+


- The difficulty of the game will gradually increase with each playthrough in NG+



Heroic Herald Outfit Event Ending


The Early Purchase Reward ‘Heroic Herald Outfit’ will end on March 31st, 2020!


Please refer to this posting for more information. 




Adjustments & Improvements


- You can now place the Virtual Joystick where you please. 


- Fixed bugs relating to Characters being crushed and falling in certain situations.


- Fixed a bug where Game Audio would not play due to the Device's Alarm Clock.


- Reduced the Bleeding effect when activating Elixir of Epiphany and Blessed Elixir of Epiphany. It will no longer cause character death.


- Fixed visual issues relating to the Critical Strike Rate after upgrading Viola's 'Bloody' Talent.


- Fixed visual issues when switching Viola's Special Bullet.


- Fixed visual issues when switching Benita's Elixirs. 


- Various Fixes and Text Adjustments