Version 1.0.33 UPDATE


Greetings Adventurers!


We are releasing an update to Pascal's Wager that fixes some of the issues which have been reported to us and made adjustments based on your feedback.


When updating, PLEASE DO NOT DELETE YOUR GAME! If you do so without Cloud Sync, you will lose your saves! Please just update the game normally.


Safe Travels in Solas!



Version 1.0.33 Update


What’s New!


1. We’ve increased the distance between the camera and the character so that the field of view is more expanded for players.


2. Improved the default camera sensitivity and enlarged the detection area to adjust the camera.


3. Modified Terrence's hit effects to create a greater sense of feel to his attacks.


4. Improved the display of the Rage Gauge. You will now receive a prompt when you don't have enough Rage to use a Combat Skill.


5. Optimized the overall experience of the BOSS Battles



Bug Fixes!


1. Fixed the issue where some players may experience the loss of sound in-game.


2. Corrected Norwood's Combat Teaching description to properly reflect the skill. It now reads 'Light Attacks can gather Griminess" instead of "Light Attacks can gather Griminess as well as Rage".


3. Fixed the bug with the Quest Item 'Marcion Machine Ball"


4.  Fixed the "Challenge" achievement bug.


5. Fixed various text errors, we will continue to fix these as they are reported to us!