Weak Mother

Mothers of Admaina tend to raise kids alone. The living condition is harsh and there are no Fathers around to offer support. Children are the pillars of Mother's hearts


While Butchers may seem vicious, for the women of Adamina, Butchers are their protectors, especially against the Marred.


The older women of Adamina know that childbirth is a painful and dangerous process.

They use forceps to help women give birth naturally and boil herbs to help ease their pain during labor.

Soul Inductor

The so-called 'Deer' in Katib Forest are also incredibly dangerous.

Rumors say that viewing them could cost your sanity in the end.

Wailing knight

Wailing Knight have lost its master.

They've picked up the weapons of their masters and will fight just as they did.

They are still Knights.

Light follower

This Light Follower has been keenly observing everything around him and he may know many of the secrets of Katib Forest.


Not much is known about heggie. It is said that heggie is able to survive in the Dark Mist and may even survive by feeding off the Sendril.